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A journey that began two centuries ago

EN - About Us - History - With over 140 years of cumulative experience

With over 140 years of cumulative experience, the Group has a long history and has always been at the forefront of striving to meet evolving customer needs.
The history of our business charts the history of the cable industry itself, marked by many major milestones along the way, which cement our reputation as an early adopter and industry pioneer.

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  1. Foundation of Pirelli Cavi and expansion


    Prysmian Group’s history has its roots in the history of the Pirelli Group. A few years after the foundation of the company, the activities of Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi commenced.

  2. Foundation of Draka


    Draka is founded under the name of Hollandsche Draad & Kabel Fabriek (Dutch Wire & Cable Factory).

  3. Foundation of Keila Kaabel manufacturing plant


    Keila plant is founded and the production of electrical cables in Keila started.

  4. Draka in the Philips route


    The company is acquired by Philips and became part of the Wire and Cable division.

  5. Draka independence


    The business became independent through a buyout financed by Parcom and Flint Beheer, at which point the name Draka was born.

  6. Joint venture with Nokia Kaapeli OY


    Nokia Kaapeli OY in Finland acquired 58.8% shares of the Keila Kaabel manufacturing plant

  7. Pirelli growth through acquisitions


    The company begins targeted acquisitions, including the power cable businesses of Siemens, BICC, Metal Manufacturers Ltd and NKF.

  8. Birth of Draka NK Cables


    The Finnish company has been acquired, by Draka Holding and renamed with the brand of the group Draka. Keila Kaabel belonging partly to Finnish company is now part of Draka.

  9. Birth of Prysmian Cables & Systems


    Prysmian is founded in July 2005 through the acquisition of the energy and telecom cables and systems activities of Pirelli.

  10. Birth of Draka Keila Cables


    Keila Kaabel was renamed with the brand of the group Draka.

  11. Prysmian listed/Public company


    Indirectly controlled by The Goldman Sachs Group, Prysmian becomes a listed company quoted in the blue chip sector of the Milan stock exchange. In 2010 it becomes a truly public company

  12. Draka external growth


    A series of global acquisitions marked the Group’s external growth over a periood of more than 20 years, including the acquisitions of Philips Optical Fibres and Alcatel.

  13. Birth of the Prysmian Group


    Indirectly controlled by The Goldman The union of Prysmian and Draka and combination of two market leaders gives birth to the cable industry’s new world leader.

  14. Era in Prysmian Group


    Prysmian Group finalized the acquisition of the remaining 34% interest in AS Draka Keila Cables.

  15. Acquisition of General Cable


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