Prysmian Group in Baltics

Prysmian Group in Baltics

Being the leading cable manufacturer in the market

With a manufacturing plants in Keila, Estonia Prysmian Group is well placed to support its home and export customers for Energy and Telecommunication cables and accessories. Prysmian is market leader and "innovation driver" in all major Energy and Telecom cables business activities.


Establishment of Keila’s plant dates back to 1968 when Keila Kaabel manufacturing plant was established and production of electrical cables in Keila started. In 1992, Nokia Cable acquired 58.8% shares of Keila Kaabel manufacturing plant. In 2003, the ownership rights were transferred to Draka Holding after acquisition of Nokia Cable. In 2011, Prysmian and Draka merged and gave birth to the cable industry’s leader worldwide. 66 % of Draka Keila Cables belonged to the Prysmian Group until 2014, when Prysmian Group finalized the acquisition of the remaining shareholding part.




Here in the Baltics Prysmian is mainly focused on the three main product groups: low-voltage and special purpose cables, power cables and telecommunication cables. Our goal is to provide customers the best solutions for transmission of energy and information. Cables are produced in a wide range, according to the needs of customers and current standards. Products are certified and in internationally recognized certification authorities.