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Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

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This regulation applies to all construction products which are intended to be permanently used for the construction of buildings and civil engineering works. With regard to cables, this law applies to all power and installation cables, control cables, telecommunication and data cables. The purpose of construction products regulation is to ensure that all cables used in the European Union and installed in fixed installations are evaluated, classified and used (i.e. approved) according to the same criteria.

The regulation applies to the following cables: 

  • Power cables;
  • Installation cables and wires;
  • Control cables;
  • Telecommunication cables;
  • Data cables. 

Six new fire reaction classes

Construction products regulation includes seven new safety classes from A to F, where A represents a non-flammable product and F a product, whose fire reaction properties cannot be determined. According to the new classification, cables usually belong to B, C, D and E class.
There are also additional criteria which determine the requirements of quantity of smoke emited during combustion, falling droplets created during combustion, acidity of the smoke and electrolytic conductivity.


New reaction to fire classes



The CE marking on the product shows that the product complies with all the requirements set out in the applicable directives. By choosing Draka products, you can be sure that you get the cables that comply entirely with the requirements set out in the new construction products regulations. On the basis of the set requirements and applicable standards applied to the main performance characteristics, Each Member State may establish a different form and levels of fire safety requirements.If you want additional information about the application criteria of the construction products regulation in different countries, please contact our representatives.

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Construction & Infrastructure

Construction Products Regulation

EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) covers any cable products intended to be incorporated in construction works (Fix Installation), including both buildings and civil engineering works and subject to performance requirementrs on reaction and/or resistance to fire. The application date for CPR for cables is July 1ST 2016.