Elektriala: Prysmian Group is looking for young talents with fresh ideas

Elektriala: Prysmian Group is looking for young talents with fresh ideas

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29 Sep 2020

Prysmian Group Baltics AS operating in Keila has a long history, currently the company belongs to the world's largest cable production group Prysmian Group. One of the long-term focuses and today's strength of a company with an international reach is the appreciation of employees.

An industrial area is a solid work landscape where good specialists can develop sufficiently and earn a good salary. For example, there are almost 7,000 processing industry companies in Estonia and every fifth person works in industry. The lion's share of Estonia's export items is industrially produced, and each job in industry creates at least two additional jobs in other fields.

Prysmian Group is the world's largest cable manufacturing group, operating in 50 countries, 106 factories and 25 research and development centers. The company has approximately 29,000 employees, making it easy to serve a variety of markets and communities around the world. The group is represented in the Baltics in all three countries, the Baltic head office and factory are located in Keila, Estonia, and have been engaged in cable production since 1968. From the Estonian head office, activities in the branch offices in Riga and Vilnius are also directed. A total of approximately 160 people work in the Baltics in the areas of factory operations, sales and marketing, customer service, logistics, purchasing, finance and administration.

Diversity and young talents

The company stands out with its employees of very different ages, and age diversity is consciously in focus, as it maintains the balanced development of the organisational culture. Long and successful careers as well as talented young employees who have joined the company as a result of recruitment processes are both important.

To recruit young talents, the group has a Build the Future program, the aim of which is to find offspring for the various functions of the group. “Build the Future is a carefully considered international development program aimed at recruiting young university graduates with whom new fresh ideas and changes in direction are being looked for,” explains Elizabeth Leet, HR Manager at Prysmian Group Baltics AS. Kadri Armas, the marketing manager who joined the company last year through an alternative program aimed at experts in the fields, also praises the development opportunities: “For me, the development program was a very decisive added value in accepting the offer - few employers offer such international prospective. I participate in an international development program and communicate on a daily basis with colleagues from both Northern Europe and the head office. Cables and related issues are considered a slowly changing world, but the beauty is in size and scope - we have high ambitions and a fast pace.”

International training

The headquarters of Prysmian Group is in Milan, and this is where the company's training programs begin, developed in collaboration with the prestigious Bocconi Business University. As young people are recruited from different fields and they have different educational backgrounds, everyone gets a thorough introduction to the Group. The aim of the two-week introduction is also to create a foundation for an international network.

The program then continues for the participant in their home country, where a 360-degree overview of work processes is provided during the year. The program culminates with acquiring three years of international work experience. “The program provides an excellent opportunity to work in any Prysmian Group plant, be it in Europe, Asia or America. After an absence of three years, we are waiting for a young person to return to Keila or wish them success in another destination in the Prysmian Group”, Elizabeth comments.

This year's program is the 11th in a row. Over the past ten years we have recruited over 300 young people worldwide. Prysmian Group Baltics AS hopes to recruit a third young person from one of the three Baltic countries this year. See more: baltics.prysmiangroup.com/en/build-the-future-11


The article was published in the magazine Elektriala.