Follow Prysmian Group on a 20 year long journey with our new Environmental Simulator

Follow Prysmian Group on a 20 year long journey with our new Environmental Simulator

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14 Apr 2019

In 20 minutes, we demonstrate the wear and tear on cables that equals 15-20 years of exposure to real life weather conditions such as UV, ozone, heat and humidity.

A photovoltaic system is expected to live for 25-30 years, so why shouldn’t you expect the same from your cables? asks Daniel Konecny, product manager for OEM & Industry at Prysmian Group North Europe. You can immediately see the cracks in the insulation, the shift in colour and how the insulation shrinks, leaving the conductors exposed. That should not happen and is why you should look for quality cables such as TecSun H1Z2Z2-K, which last at least as long as your photovoltaic system.

The simulator is specially designed to test cables in real life settings where the weather will break down the cable in the long run. With the simulator, you don’t have to wait for 20 years to realize that the poor-quality cable will force you to do a repair job – which could be very expensive.




Environmental Simulator Parameters

  • Humidity: 60-80%
  • Ozone: 0,04ppm
  • UV: 900-100 nm
  • Heat: Measured on the chamber (in 20 minutes ca. 90°C, probably warmer closer to the lamp)

(All conditions can be measured individually)


TecSun H1Z2Z2-K

TecSun H1Z2Z2-K has been installed around the world since 2003 without any issues related to insulation. The cable is equipped with halogen-free and cross-HEPR insulation aswell as a halogen free, cross-linked EVA rubber outer sheath, which gives you a long-lasting protection against external forces.