Prysmian Group Baltics invites applications for the international programme Build the Future

Prysmian Group Baltics invites applications for the international programme Build the Future

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21 Sep 2020

Prysmian Group Baltics invites you to apply for the international programme Build the Future, which brings together the experience and network of an international organisation and tasks across various fields. We are looking for graduates with different educational backgrounds who are interested in receiving three years of international experience in a new country. What do we offer? Competitive remuneration, a mentoring programme and a global network. The 2021 programme is the 10th of its kind; since launching the programme in 2012, we have hired over 300 graduates from around the world! 


The programme comprises of three stages:

  • A two-week global introduction to trainings and activities led by the Prysmian Group Academy in collaboration with the prestigious Bocconi University. In parallel, you start a mentoring programme. 

  • Annual job rotation in your home country, during which you perform tasks in three different departments: research and development activities, supply chain and sales.

  • Three years of work abroad.  

The three stages are designed for you to acquire new ways of working and knowledge, meet new colleagues and get to know new cultures – all the skills you need when part of the Prysmian Group.


We look forward to your application, if: 

  • you are interested in a career in the industry and you are ready for a new challenge;

  • you are completing or have completed a degree in engineering, technology or business and economics in the last 18 months;

  • you speak and write English fluently – this is important as in the Prysmian Group you work with colleagues from all over the world;

  • you have worked or studied abroad and are ready for a new international experience in the Prysmian Group;

  • you have excellent communication and presentation skills – these are of key importance because we have global teams and we operate in more than 50 countries;

  • you like working with other people and learn from them.


See more on the Prysmian Group website


The application deadline is 14 November 2020. The recruitment process will be carried out by the recruitment partner SHL, and it runs from November 2020 to February 2021, with the programme itself starting in spring 2021.

Additional questions will be answered by Kadri Timuska, HR Manager of Prysmian Group Baltics: [email protected]