Prysmian Group offers a strong training programme and excellent jobs

Prysmian Group offers a strong training programme and excellent jobs

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05 Jan 2021

Prysmian Group Baltics AS is a subsidiary of the world’s largest cable production group, Prysmian Group. The company operates in Keila and has a long history, with one of its main strengths being its ability to retain and value its employees.


The field of industry is a stable work landscape, which allows a specialist to have a solid platform for development and to earn a good salary. For example, there are almost 7,000 processing industry companies in Estonia and every fifth person works in industry. The lion's share of Estonia's export items is produced industrially, and each job in industry creates at least two additional jobs in other fields.

Prysmian Group is the largest cable manufacturing group in the world, operating in 50 countries, 106 plants and 25 research and development centres. The company has approximately 29,000 employees worldwide, making it easy to serve a variety of markets and communities around the world. The group is represented in the Baltics in all three countries. The Baltic head office and plant are located in Keila, Estonia, and they have been engaged in cable production there since 1968. From the Estonian head office, activities in the branch offices in Riga and Vilnius are also controlled. A total of approximately 160 people work in the Baltics, who are engaged in plant operations, sales and marketing, customer service, logistics, purchasing, finance and administration.


Long careers and young talents

The company is of a dignified age and is respected among employees across all age groups, who highlight two trends: long and successful careers and talented young employees who have joined the company as a result of recruitment processes. Several members of the management team have had long and outstanding careers in the company. For example, Tarvo Lepik, CEO of the Baltics, has worked in his field for 25 years. The plant manager Veiko Salumaa started 15 years ago as a line operator. This year, Kadri Armas, marketing manager, joined the family of Prysmian Group Baltics from a totally different field, having previously worked in the field of culture and services. "Local development and training opportunities played a major role in my decision to take on a role in a large production company,” she confirms. She was also motivated by the knowledge that she is the first marketing manager of the company in the Baltics and can basically create the entire marketing strategy here.


International training

The headquarters of Prysmian Group is located in Milan, where the training programmes of the company, developed in collaboration with the prestigious Bocconi University, take place. As people are recruited from very different fields and with different educational backgrounds, everyone receives a thorough training. Kadri Armas describes that her initial marketing training within Prysmian Group consisted of three stages, with each lasting two-three weeks. The journey begins in Milan, continues in California and ends in Singapore. The scope and duration of the training programme varies. We can read from the website of the company that, for example, the training programme for sales people and inspectors lasts three years, while for specialists in the production department it can last four years. The in-house academy, which operates worldwide, helps all employees maintain their knowledge and skills at the highest level and ensures the company's place at the forefront of industrial innovation. HR manager Kadri Timuska emphasises that there are many opportunities for development: “We have recruitment programmes for both young university students and professionals. In addition, we have a Prysmian Academy for all employees, through which one can learn foreign languages and develop in the areas of leadership, emotional intelligence and other topics. In addition, training programmes on current topics are being developed on an ongoing basis – for example, the focus now is on safety and raising awareness and proactivity.”


Good working atmosphere

The proper training in Prysmian Group is the beginning of a pleasant professional career in this company, but valuing employees goes beyond this. For example, Prysmian Group encourages the unionisation of its employees, which ensures that, in addition to management, the employees themselves pay close attention to the working environment and health.  Active lifestyle and strengthening health are highly regarded in the company. Kadri Timuska says that this year, for example, the Movember campaign was organised, during which attention was paid to men's health from several different angles. In addition to usual Stebby funding, the company supports the participation of its employees in various competitions. The employees play football together and participate in disc golf competitions, for example.


Participants in the success of the company

In addition to their salary, the employees of Prysmian Group also benefit from the economic success of a large global company, as about half of them are shareholders in a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Kadri Timuska explains that every six months employees can buy the employer’s shares at a favourable price. As the main focus of the company is on creating innovative products and offering ground-breaking projects that ensure long-term profit, the stock ownership programme adds value to employees and increases the market's continued trust in the company.


The article was published in the magazine Eesti Tööstus.