The Prysmian Group Safety Week takes place 8-12 Nov

The Prysmian Group Safety Week takes place 8-12 Nov

Categories: Sustainability

03 Nov 2020

The Prysmian Group Safety Week begins with a kick off meeting on the 5th of November and takes place from the 8th to the 12th of November. Participation in the Safety Week is open to everyone: external guests, Prysmian Group’s employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers and all whom may be interested in the safety-related topics.

Safety Week has been planned in all of our 104 plants in 50 countries and aims to:

  • Raise awareness on the essential role of safety and spread the ZERO&BEYOND philosophy.
  • Showcase new perspectives and tools to build a sustainable Safety Culture.
  • Share and present solutions and best practices coming from both outside and inside Prysmian through insights, experiences and ideas.
  • Reinforce the accountability of individuals and teams by collecting quick actions which will support the Prysmian Safety Culture.

Five topics will be covered:

  • on the 8th of November: Safety culture as a key value of any company's purpose
  • on the 9th of November: Dimensions of safety leadership
  • on the 10th of November: Effective safety intervention
  • on the 11th of November: Human and organisational factors
  • on the 12th of November: Safety ambassadors

All in all, more than 60 webinars will take place, Baltics' event under the topic of effective safety intervention titled "Visitors' safety" takes place on the 10th of November. 

Read more and register on the Safety Week site