Mūsų prekių ženklai

Mūsų prekių ženklai

Du stipriausi prekių ženklai. Viena pasaulinio lygio Grupė

Inovacijos yra ir visada išliks „Prysmian“ šerdimi. Savo klientams tiesiame kelią į ateitį, padedame įveikti iššūkius ir siūlome naujoviškiausius sprendimus.

Mes kuriame ryšius, kurie būtini siekiant užtikrinti veiksmingą energijos ir informacijos tiekimą bet kurioje vietoje. Būtent todėl 2012 m. nusprendėme sujungti dvi rinkos lyderes, „Prysmian“ ir „Draka“, ir sukurti bendrą galingą energijos ir telekomunikacijų kabelių milžinę – „Prysmian Group“.

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In a nutshell, the Group stands for:


Product quality


Excellence of execution


Cutting-edge technological advances

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An innovative offering for the cable market  

We deliver the most extensive range of products, services, technologies and know-how available on the market.

We help our customers make tomorrow’s world a better place by providing them with highly innovative solutions that enable them to meet their future challenges.

We create those vital connections that ensure energy and information is carried effectively, efficiently and everywhere. In short, we’re linking the future. And this is the essence of the Prysmian Group brand.

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Our Brands

One corporate brand

When speaking on behalf of, or about the company, we present ourselves as a single, unique corporate brand. 

With 140 years of combined experience Prysmian and Draka have a long history and have both always been at the forefront in striving to meet evolving customer needs.

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Two commercial brands

The Prysmian Group corporate brand in turn, operates on the market through two distinct commercial brands.

Prysmian and Draka.

These are two of the global cable industry’s strongest brands, characterised by highly complementary products and services.

We use our two commercial brands when talking about products and solutions, and each represents a specific part of the overall offering that Prysmian Group presents to its customers.

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Our Brands


We’re dedicated to preserving a brand name that is synonymous with excellence and integrity. Always. Discover our Brandpoint.

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