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In a market that demands more efficient, more sustainable, and ever-smarter grids Prysmian Group is positioned as a global solutions provider. We offer reliable accessories, cutting-edge solutions and a growing suite of post-purchase services designed to help our customers fully exploit their networks whilst enjoying the lowest total cost of ownership. Our focus is on prevention, meaning less system downtime and unplanned power outages for customers. 


Looking for a revolutionary technology for partial discharge measurement? Discover PRY-CAM portable and explore the benefits of on-line condition assessment on electrical assets.


PRY-CAM is a breakthrough technology that allows online, accurate and reliable measurements of key parameters, diagnosis and defect localization from remote. The data that we can gather are manifold: conditions of use, malfunctioning, overheating. All in real time and with no specific expertise.


Discover our cable identificator that combines a pre-fixed electronic chip with our user-friendly app.


From now on, you don’t have to worry whether you’ve found the right cable before cutting it, whether the cable documentation is correct, or how to identify either of the cable ends – with PRY-ID you can always be sure. PRY-ID is the fingerprint for your cable, it does not need a power supply and it lasts for the whole lifetime of the cable, even in the harshest environments. By scanning the cable with a pre-fixed electronic chip (an embedded RFID chip UHF Gen 2), you will access everything you need to know on our user-friendly app. You decide what information to store on the chip and cloud-based software with a powerful set of features – wireless scanning will allow you to reach it in an instant.

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Telecom Solutions

Discover our indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables, accessories and solutions. 



Designed specifically for bringing optical fibre directly to residents of high-rise apartments and offices, the heart of the VertiCasaXS system features a new concept in optical cable construction allowing remarkably easy fibre access and break-out, reducing the demand for skilled labour and installation time and cost.


RetractaNet is fast, flexible, reliable and user-friendly underground drop solution that offers significant savings on labour and materials.



The OAsys connectivity portfolio uses well established technology that is constantly being upgraded and improved to provide customers with a series of significant benefits for the planning and operation of their network.



The SiroccoXS Blown Fibre System uses well established technology that is constantly being upgraded and improved to provide customers with a series of significant benefits for the planning and operation of their last mile, campus or in-building network.

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Accessories for Power Cables

Discover our high-quality cold-shrink joints, terminations and separable connectors for Medium-Voltage cables.



COLDFIT terminations are quick and easy to install, offering high reliability and excellent performance for both indoor and outdoor use.



Separable connector for polymeric MV cables. Indoor and outdoor installation. The connector is entirely protected by a watertight conductive envelope connected to earth.



The Elaspeed® coldshrinkable medium voltage straight through joints are designed for fast, easy and reliable installation.

COLDFIT indoor use FC CDTI-1C (English)

COLDFIT outdoor use FC CDTO-1C (English)

ELASCON FC MSCE/EC-250 (English)

ELASCON FC MSCT/EC-630 (English)

Elaspeed compact (English)

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Accessories for Cable Mounting

Discover our cable glands, cleats and terminals.


Prysmian Group´s components business unit, based in Wrexham, is the UK´s leading manufacturer of cable support and fixings systems and offers a range that is both comprehensive and diverse. Through many years of industry experience and working closely with our customers, Prysmian Group is able to offer cleats to support and fix all cable types on the market. 

Our range of products includes: 

BICON Cable Glands Catalogue

BICON Cable Support and Fixing Systems Catalogue

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