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Practical information when and where you need it

Information such as product name and tracking number, article number and full CPR information is pre-programmed and always available in the Cloud.
In addition, PRY-ID allows you to equip the cable with as much information as you need in order to securely detect the right cable and receive all the relevant data connected to it. Here are some examples:

  • E(l) number / EAN13
  • Cable length, including from both ends of the cable
  • Packaging / drum size


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Easy to use

PRY-ID is extremely user-friendly. Information is read using radio signals that do not require any batteries or other life-supporting systems. If you have to identify a cable or wish to know more information about it, simply access our application on your tablet or smartphone.
All in all, by using PRY-ID, you’ll save both time and money, whilst increasing safety for your co-workers and the whole society as the risk of cutting the wrong cable will diminish significantly.

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Unique identification - PRY-ID spots the right cable – every time

From now on, you don’t have to worry whether you’ve found the right cable before cutting it, whether the cable documentation is correct, or how to locate either of the cable ends.
With PRY-ID – you can always be sure. By scanning a cable, pre-fixed with an electronic chip, you will access everything you need to know on our user-friendly app. You decide what information to store on the chip – wireless scanning will allow you to reach it.


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Reliable and hard-wearing

PRY-ID will always provide you with valid cable identification. The electronic chip is well secured inside the cable, which means that it will not be worn out or hard to read, in contrast to ordinary labels on the outside.