CableApp helps to make energy-conscious decisions when choosing cables

CableApp helps to make energy-conscious decisions when choosing cables

14 Apr 2021

Prysmian Group has developed CableApp, which helps to select the best cable based on the type of the project and installation. The application has been adapted for 16 countries, including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and several more countries will be added in the near future. Although the logic of cable selection in different countries is slightly different, the desired end result is one - to find the most suitable cable for the installation method. The application takes into account a number of factors and, in addition to the minimum technical solution, conveniently shows how much money and CO2 emissions can be saved by using a larger cable cross-section. Larger resellers have also been added to the application to make it easier to find the nearest place to buy cables. CableApp can be used on the web at or downloaded to a mobile device from Google Play or App Store.  

CableApp can help in several ways. In Estonia, the application is built based on the building types listed in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the user is advised to use the correct CPR class cable. In addition, the installation method must be determined, based on which the assessment of the maximum load current according to HD 60364 is carried out. To obtain a suitable cross-section, it is necessary to enter the current or power through the cable into the calculation model. The application converts the current to power according to the voltage type and vice versa - therefore the application can also be used to assess currents/powers. The length of the cable is needed in the calculations to estimate the voltage drop and losses in the cable. By calculating the losses, it is possible to find out how much energy can be saved by using a larger cross-section. The calculations are based on the following values: air temperature 25°C, soil temperature 15°C, specific thermal resistance of the soil 1.0 m-K/W, circuit usage 100% and energy cost € 0.15/kWh. The calculation results show the minimum technical solution, but also the minimum cross-section, taking into account the current, and the minimum cross-section, taking into account the voltage drop. Although a simpler calculation can be done as a guest, you should register as a user to perform more detailed calculations, modifications to the calculations, and to change the initial conditions. Registration also gives access to the dealer search, which shows the nearest cable dealers based on geolocation or address. CableApp products are linked to Prysmian Group’s new web-based product catalogue, which makes it easy to find products based on various filters, as well as product-specific product sheets and performance declarations of the products. Online catalogue of the products of Prysmian Group Baltics can be found at or at the website

CableApp is also important from green goal perspective - namely the app helps to save CO2 emissions. Prysmian Group is green in terms of both its philosophy and its actions and guiding and helping end users is part of its goals and activities. Analysts at Morgan Stanley ranked the company as one of the upstanding companies on reducing CO2 in the world. And in addition the company was placed amount the first in the electricity and electronics industry sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for 2019 and 2020. For the last four years, 100% renewable energy has been used for the production at the Keila plant and last year Prysmian Group Baltics was also awarded a bronze label at the Responsible Business Forum, where 76 Estonian-based companies, public organizations and non-profits were recognised for their good stewardship of the environment and commitment to giving back to society even more than required by law.


The article was published in the magazine Elektriala and on the site