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Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Construction Products Regulation (CPR)



Construction Products Regulation is a set of rules issued in the European Union that sets out harmonised rules for the marketing of construction products in the European Union. It ensures that construction products used in the Member States are assessed, classified and put into service (i.e. approved) according to the same criteria. The purpose of the regulation is also to regulate the fire resistance of construction products and the hazardous substances used. The regulation applies to all construction products intended for permanent installation in buildings and general construction work. With regard to cables, the legislation applies to all power and installation cables, control cables, telecommunication and data cables. 

It is important to take into account that based on the requirements established for the main product characteristics and applicable standards, each EU member state may determine a different system and level of requirements – materials made by Prysmian Group Baltics are prepared in accordance with the Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian requirements.


CPR marking of cables


Construction Products Regulation covers seven safety classes from A to F, where A stands for a non-combustible product and F for a product for which no reaction to fire properties is specified. Based on the classification, cables are mainly classified into class B, C, D and E. The additional criteria set out the requirements for the amount of smoke emitted (values s1, s2, s3), flaming droplets generated during combustion (values d1, d2, d3) and the acidity and electrolytic conductivity of the smoke emitted during combustion (values a1, a2, a3), where a higher value means a worse result. CPR marking of cables:

D = class │ ca = cables/wires │ s = smoke │ d = droplets │ a = acidity and electrolytic conductivity

The CE marking affixed to the product indicates that the product complies with all the requirements of the applicable directives.

The following information materials (CPR cable guide, cable selection scheme) and CableApp will help you choose the right cable. Cables made by Prysmian Group meet the requirements of the regulation, product sheets are always provided with CPR marking and performance declarations of CPR products can always be found using the DoP finder.

EN CPR CableApp


CableApp is the professional easy to use tool which helps you select the best type of cabling solution depending on the type of project and installation. The app´s cable selection logic is in accordance with the Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian requirements. 


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DoP Finder

DoP (DoP - Declaration of Performance) finder helps to find and download the Declaration of Performance (DoP) for all our CPR products.