A new product XPK-HF C-Pro for the most challenging conditions

A new product XPK-HF C-Pro for the most challenging conditions

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25 Oct 2020

Prysmian Group Baltics developed a new product and brings it to the Baltic markets – we introduce XPK-HF C-Pro – 1 kV halogen-free flame-retardant power cable for fixed indoor and outdoor installations. The cable is suitable for building installations, residential construction, industrial installations, and data centres. The cable meets fire performance Cca-s1,d1a1 and is suitable for use in buildings with a high fire risk. In the event of fire, smoke generation is low and transparent which facilitates evacuation; smoke is also not harmful to electronic equipment.

Main features and advantages of XPK-HF C-Pro:

  • multipurpose indoor and outdoor cable
  • suitable for all building types in Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania
  • good UV resistance
  • minimum installation temperature -15°C
  • maximum conductor temperature 90°C
  • smooth surface for quick installation
  • easy to strip
  • safe to use with standard installation tools
  • conductor resistance according to EN norms
  • CPR class Cca-s1,d1,a1; DoP no. 1015210

XPK-HF C-Pro flyer can be downloaded HERE

Detailed product sheet of XPK-HF C-Pro can be found in the web catalogue HERE.

Ask for more information: Andero Hännikainen, Sales Manager, [email protected]